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First month of an iPad integrated classroom in the books!


December was the first totally integrated iPad sociology class! My students were able to research, communicate, write assignments, and take tests on their Apple iPad. I was able to utilize many great apps allowing students to brainstorm ideas and present those ideas to the class.

Utilized both Prezi and Haiku Deck for student presentations, and Evernote and Peek to take notes and study material.

In using the iPad, students have access to a new and innovative technology offering affordable access to their textbook, providing flexible options in searching, high lighting and note taking.

I was able to integrate the college’s LMS allowing students the ability to take their midterm and final on the iPad, creating not only a paperless test, but a test that grades itself, and provides statistics on how the students performed on each question. With the test statistics I can refresh my lessons, focusing on questions students struggle with, creating a more valid measure of what they learn I’m class.

So far, the students have enjoyed the versatility and access to the Internet in class, providing a wireless classroom.

I will continue to share lessons and best practices as I contribute new content and refine lessons that I’ve taught for years.





Instructional Designer, teacher and sociologist.

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