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Supplement “Guinea” Pig


Once a week, my co-worker Aaron and I, work out heavy, so I felt that this is the opportunity to do the Vpx stack along with a random protein shake, in this case a monster milk. I did cut out using friction with all of this in fear of a heart attack.

I will use the same stack next week and see the gains from week to week. But, the first week using this supplement stack made me feel jittery, but it was nicely counterbalance with the complex carb supplement. Next week I will mix the carbonox and the power shock.

We’ve been exercising this way for more than a month now, so any net gains I’m sure come from work and dedication, but the supplements provide a nice kick in terms of energy, motivation, and a little placebo effect, any advantage helps really.

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Each year we venture to Columbus Ohio to bask in the testosterone bath which is the Arnold Schwarzenegger Fitness Expo. Each year we travel to this health and fitness Mecca to learn about new trends in fitness, exercise and health supplements. In addition, we get to enjoy the great people who also attend this event, ranging from normal health enthusiasts to giant meathead freaks to air brushed fitness models.

Every year I come home with a booty of shirts, literature, and of course supplement samples. With that being said, I will report each supplement, how it makes me feel, and the perceived effectiveness of the supplement.

Starting with…


VPX Zero Impact Meal Bar – Pumpkin Supreme

It’s candy, really tasty candy, it’s pumpkin, it’s fudge, it’s delicious. With 30 grams of protein, it can be a great meal replacement if your on the go. The biggest issue is the fact that I can eat 20 of them. I would buy more, awesome product. On for 2.99 each or 25.85 per box.