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Dissertation so far



So, for the most part, the most nerve raking part of the process for me is over, I wrote my first chapter, where I complained about how most academics are not willing to try new technology let alone incorporate it into their classroom, I found some literature for chapter two that provided a history to technology, education, and technology in education, and a focus on the iPad in education.  I discussed my method in chapter three.  Defended my proposal, the IRB was accepted and all of my results are in.

I am now in the process of analyzing my data and writing chapter four, I feel that my findings provide good insight on how to approach technology integration (in this case the use of iPad, but any tech integration works).  I’m excited but a little sad that it’s almost over.

That’s all I have so far, just wanted to write about something today, when I really should be writing chapter four.



Instructional Designer, teacher and sociologist.

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