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Arnold fest 2016

Yet another Arnold fest, and another stash of supplement samples, as always, I will attempt to share my opinion about each sample via this blog.

Pretty nice stash, we went on a Sunday this year, which helped with the crowd issues this made the experience much more pleasant.  There were still many annoyances like people with babies in carriers and people with oversized backpacks.  Not to mention the little guys showing off their new “muscles,” with the best in bodybuilding and powerlifting in the room is silly – put a shirt on!

Best Vender Booths 

I’ve received millions of shirts before at Arnold Fest, never socks, I really love my MusclePharm socks and shaker bottle.

  I liked that bodyfortress    used the sign in process to test their product using one of the biggest R&D labs you can find, giving us two flavors of protein – Peanutbutter and Jelly vs. Mango Habanero (which was fantastic) to choose from having the testers vote for their favorite.  The also gave us weight belt key chains and “swole mate” tee shirts for you and a friend.

But overall, the best booth was Optimum Nutrition  which gave away tons of Gold Standard and Isolate protein packets, pre workout samples, BCAA samples, and a t-shirt, I was tempted to go back through again.

Sample Review: 

VPX Redline 7 hour shots are usually the first things I try.  I love them, I made sure to wait for the morning because I know how powerful these things are.  Always a great pick-me-up provides endless energy.  This specific energy shot caught my attention because there was no added color.

I paired the Optimum Nutrition Protein Water with my morning energy shot.  On face value seems like like a good idea, easy to drink, people who have issue with whey can take this product without issue, and an easy source of 20 grams of protein and 4.5 BCAAs.  But with any non-whey protein isolate, the odd, tongue numbing aftertaste is there.  These are okay sometimes, but by no means would this replace my whey protein on a daily basis.




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