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New beer coming soon – Dutch Chocolate Espresso – From your friendly neighborhood Swago Brewery

We’ve been making home brew for few years now, I’ve had some wonderful recipes (raspberry a fan favorite and punkin which I submitted to Sam Adams earning me a neeto t-shit), and some busts that I choose not to discuss.  My new recipe is inspired by my soon to be born daughter Faith, who will be part Italian, Dutch and German.  With this theme in mind, the main beer ingredients will be German, with Italian espresso and Dutch cocoa.

This is what I’ve come up with so far, if any one has any ideas to make this better, or have any ideas on what type of Dutch chocolate, or how to add chocolate to beer…I’m all ears.

  • German Splat Hops for aroma
  • German Magnum for bitering
  • 1lb of German chocolate rye malt
  • 1lb of German DeHusked Carafa II malt
  • 1lb of dark malt extract
  • 3lb of dark malt syrup
  • German porter yeast
  • espresso coffee
  • dutch chocolate and cocoa

I have a few fears, do I have too many dark malts?  Will this be too bitter?  And what is the best way to introduce chocolate into the wart?

Ora ho finito